The days of flash have long gone… HA! Obviously

But that doesnt mean we cant learn from it. Flash was great for animation of assets, and the illustrative technique still is unrivaled, but thankfully not all is lost, and NOBODY WANTS A OVER ANIMATED BANNER

1. Script your animations

Creatives got wise to coding their animations with actionscript, and the same can be done with HTML 5. While there are a million (not really) different sizes, all we have to do is ONE. Once we are happy with the animation…. copy and paste it into the remaining sizes! Thankfully with the advent of HTML 5, and the progression towards this method,  along came responsive design, and we can apply this to banners too 🙂 Once you have your design assets, rather than animating them using prefered ediotor, jump over to the code view, and paste in the Greensock tweenlite script, and animate accordingly.

var A = document.getElementById('A');
var A = document.getElementById('B'); = "0"; = "0";
function tween2() {"#A", 1, {opacity: 1, delay: 1,});"#B", 1, {opacity: 0});
TweenMax.delayedCall(5, tween3);
function tween3() {"#A", 1, {opacity: 0});"#B", 1, {opacity: 1, delay: 1});
TweenMax.delayedCall(5, tween2);

2. Don’t animate gifs

Its a lie, you dont need a backup gif. rather have a .jpg single frame.
Copy changes so fast. The days of approved copy have gone. Rather create a dynamic field, and link it to an excel sheet that client can change. Once we have done this, we can start with programmatic banners, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities and banner placement, serving different uses. Watch a video on how create dynamic fields.

3. Use Banner Bro

I found that as soon as I adopted this method…you guessed it! I got more banner jobs. Awesome!
So as a result bannerbros was created. If you cant quite crack this template approach, rather get someone else to do it for you. It takes a fraction of your time, and its cheaper than hiring a junior to do it for you!

Banner Bro


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