Money sent back to Africa for healthcare amounts to $8 billion per year

Health care in africa has to be inovative, and address real needs in Healther care and pharphacies delivering prescribed medication. This first-of-its-kind full-service digital healthcare company was taken from concept to launch in less than 18 months




Jan - Mar 2018

Rolling out in Abidjan

Susu is a dynamic company that provides digitally enhanced, full-service and innovative healthcare solutions for the African diaspora’s families back home. We are dedicated to improving quality of life for our beneficiaries, and ensuring they receive the best level of care.

Rolling out in Abidjan the economic capital of Ivory Coast, Susu is meeting a real need for the Ivorian community living in France. “The African diaspora takes pride in providing financial support to their families left in their home countries, predominantly ageing parents and those with chronic diseases

Having a prototype before you commit to an expensive build, helps in a variety of ways, including setting a benchmark or showcasing your brands optimism vs what's possible or cost efficient.